Advanced Tech or Invasion of Privacy?

Advanced Tech or Invasion of Privacy?

( – Skepticism about the power of our electronic devices has been growing for a while. An increasing number of technology experts have expressed concerns about how much private information our phones and laptops can relay to big tech companies. However, that hasn’t stopped these companies from developing more sophisticated ways of accessing our data. 

On Thursday, October 8, Google announced an update to its Live Transcribe service in a blog post. The upgraded software allows Android mobile devices to pick up a wide range of ambient household noises, such as alarms, crying babies, and doorbells. For this to work, the device must be listening to its surroundings at all times.

This software is just one example of a seemingly beneficial innovation that could allow tech giants to harvest lucrative information. 

Firms like Google will always extol the virtues of these developments while glossing over the risks to our privacy. At this point, it’s up to us to ask whether features like this one are really for our benefit. When technological innovations prioritize the interests of companies over customers, change is clearly needed.

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