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Adam Schiff Caught Fundraising Off Trump Indictment…

( – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was called out by MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell for fundraising off of the historic indictment of former President Donald Trump, who Schiff heavily targeted while he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

“Has this criminal allegation, this indictment, already become too political? Donald Trump is raising, you know, fortunate, more than a million dollars, million and a half or more, just on the threat of the indictment. Large number of politicians, you know, are doing that. You are fundraising on it,” Mitchell said on Friday.

“Look, I think that this is going to be certainly a political issue in — in terms of defending the rule of law on the one side, in terms of I think subverting the rule of law on the other, but the — the most important point for me is that this is affirmation of the fact that no one should be above the law, that we all held to account, but this is someone who has escaped accountability now for years and years,” Schiff replied.

“And yeah, so I’m going to speak out on it. Other people are going to speak out on it. I’m going to be pushing back against what Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are trying to do to do in the House by running interference and trying to stop or somehow impede or discredit this investigation. That’s a continuing and important part of the work I’ve been doing to defend our democracy,” he continued.

Schiff is now running for Senate to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Trump is reportedly turning himself in Manhattan on Tuesday as part of the agreement his attorneys reached with District Attorneys Alvin Bragg’s office. Trump has stated Bragg pursing this case, after other offices have passed on it, is nothing short but political interference for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. 


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