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A Newlywed Couple Charges Guests Who Didn’t Show up to Their Wedding

( – As everyone knows, getting married is an expensive business. By the time you pay for a suit and dress for the bride and groom, a band to play at the reception, and some other nice touches for the day, you’re already looking at several thousand dollars. Of course, accommodating your guests is where things get really expensive, especially if you have a big crowd. That may be why one Illinois couple took the seemingly drastic step of sending invoices to the folk who failed to show up on their big day despite saying they would.

After their Jamaican wedding, Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee made a list of all those individuals who had RSVP’d yes to their invitations, but still failed to show. They sent each of these people an invoice for $120 per person, the cost of each seat at their wedding. 

The accompanying message states that a failure to “call or give proper notice” was the reason for the charge. It directs recipients to make payments via either Zelle or PayPal. 

The story has gone viral across the world, and opinions are sharply divided. Some have congratulated the couple for punishing the carelessness of their invitees, while others feel the invoices were a step too far.

What do you think? 

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