A Look Back at 2020’s Brushfires

A Look Back At 2020's Brushfires

(TheConservativeNews.org) – With everything else that happened in 2020, it’s easy to forget about the brush fires that swept across the country over the summer months. America’s western states saw some of the worst wildfires in the recorded history of the nation. California alone lost over 4 million acres of land to fire. 

Many people think wildfires are an unavoidable consequence of nature. However, this is untrue. Statistics show humans cause around 85% of wildfires. The activities which tend to lead to these fires include trash burning, discarding cigarette butts improperly, leaving campfires unattended, and deliberate arson.

That said, certain natural conditions are required for a wildfire to take hold. The most important of these is the presence of a large quantity of dried vegetation.

While brush fires are, to some extent, unavoidable, we all have a duty to minimize their impact going forward. Unless we develop a more responsible relationship with outdoor flames during the summer months, we could see another devastating wildfire season in the coming years.

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