Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Hospital in Louisiana Charging Unvaxxed Spouses Extra

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( – Many people are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine. While refusing to get vaccinated is a choice all Americans are free to make, consequences can sometimes come along with the decision. 

The largest health system in Louisiana, Ochsner Health, is looking to charge any employee whose spouse or domestic partner isn’t vaccinated an extra $100 per pay period. Some people believe the company is overstepping by punishing compliant staff for the actions of others.

Warner Thomas, CEO of Ochsner Health, noted that they weren’t mandating the vaccine. He added that the non-employed spouses and domestic partners could seek health insurance from providers outside of Ochsner Health. 

The CEO mentioned that COVID care cost the company $9 million last year. The $200/month fee only pertains to domestic partners or spouses and doesn’t affect children. Still, the announcement of the new charges caught the attention of activist groups such as Young Americans for Liberty, who condemned the actions on Twitter.

Many health systems are requiring employees to get the shot, but some people don’t want it, which is leading to their termination or driving them to quit. Protests from nurses and other healthcare workers have erupted across the country as many who were heroes last year seem to be the villains now. 

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